Make A Bloody Mary That’s Just Spicy Enough But Will Keep You From Screaming

Make A Bloody Mary That’s Just Spicy Enough But Will Keep You From Screaming

I loooooooove a Bloody Mary. Even before they became a “spectacle” drink, loaded with more garnishes than the Golden Corral buffet – we’re talking rotisserie chickens, whole cheeseburgers, lobster claws and more! – they always felt heartier to me – like a meal itself. (Apparently a stalk of celery and tomato juice was once enough for me to feel fed – not anymore!) Also, tomato juice just feels less shameful if you’re having a drink at 10am for brunch. (Shame is overrated anyway.)

Bloody Mary Brian Balthazar Vertical (1)There are TONS of recipes out there. Making a Bloody Mary comes with a free pass to go nuts with spices and condiments, so long as you have the base of tomato juice and vodka. And while cynics can scoff at the truly out of control nature of the garnishes, there are far worse ways to foster self expression! Embrace the instagrammer in you and encourage your guests to try their own hand with a condiment selection that’s photo worthy! Spread out an array of olives, cheese, pearl onions, pickles, cherry tomatoes, radishes – you name it!

I kept mine fairly simple for the condiments this time, except for a special candied bacon spiral, which solves the problem I hate about bacon in a drink – soggy bacon sitting in liquid is disgusting. A recipe of how to make a bacon garnish that stays above the drink and is delicious and eye catching can be found here. For now, let’s focus on the drink, which has just the right amount of kick without setting your mouth on fire! I hope you enjoy it!

This recipe serves two, because honestly why¬†wouldn’t you enjoy these with a friend?

Also, if you’re looking for a light take on the Bloody Mary at your super bowl party, try a Michelada, or Bloody Brew by clicking here!


For the Bloody Mary Mix:
12 oz tomato juice
3 tsp worcestershire sauce
2 tsp horseradish
1 tsp hot sauce (I used Franks Red Hot Sauce)
1 lemon wedge
1 lime wedge
1/2 tsp sea salt
Dash of celery salt
Dash of white pepper

For the cocktails, which we will add to the Bloody Mary Mix in the glass:
4 ounces vodka, (2 oz per drink.)

For the Garnish: (Optional)
2 Celery stalks, leaves on
2 Cherry tomatoes
2 small pickles
2 olives
(additional options: pickled peppers, cheese cubes, and bacon spirals (see recipe on snackist!)


Into a cocktail mixing glass or small pitcher (Not the glasses you’ll be drinking it in, but one that’s big enough to combine all the ingredients and stir,) pour the tomato juice.

(I usually wait on adding the vodka until the end, just in case your guest wants a stronger or weaker drink than you – you can use the same bloody mary mix for both and separate out how much vodka you use.)

Add the remaining ingredients into the cocktail pitcher, (except the vodka) and stir.
Don’t panic if you added the vodka here. It’s fine.

Fill two tall glasses with ice.

In each cocktail glass, pour two ounces of vodka.

Fill the remainder of the glass with the Bloody Mary mix and stir.

In addition to a celery stalk (preferably with the leaves still on!) garnish with long skewers of your favorite condiments, including (but by no means limited to!): Small pickles, pearl onions, cherry tomatoes, olives and more based on what you have!


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