Get Bubbly with a “Sparkley Pear”

Get Bubbly with a “Sparkley Pear”

A celebration calls for Champagne. But why not celebrate Champagne?  It used to be the school of thought that the bubbly was meant to be enjoyed solo – but mixologists, always looking for a new way to make a splash behind the bar, now think otherwise.

This specialty cocktail from The Royalton Hotel’s ’44’ Lounge is called a “Sparkley Pear.” It’s ingredients are simple and delicious, but when it comes to presentation, it wouldn’t be the same without the long curl of orange peel.

WHAT YOU NEED: (they recommend specific brands, but use what you have – or what you can find.)

Chilled Pear Brandy (They recommend Poire Williams)

Champagne (They call for Piper Heidsieck)

Lemon juice – fresh from the lemon or bottled (who doesn’t love fresh?)

A strand of orange peel. (The longer and more curled it is, the more beautiful it will look!)


Pour about a tablespoon of the Pear Brandy in each champagne flute. (Pear Brandy is strong! Don’t over do it.)

Add about a teaspoon of lemon juice to each glass – if you’re using fresh lemon, be your own judge)

fill the remainder of the glass with the Champagne.

Add a curl of orange peel.

TOO STRONG? Feel free to cut this drink down a little with Pear Juice, or Orange Juice.)


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