“Covent Garden” Recollects Cucumber Spa Water, But With Gin. And Deliciousness.

“Covent Garden” Recollects Cucumber Spa Water, But With Gin. And Deliciousness.

There’s a new STK restaurant three blocks from my office. As most New Yorkers will tell you, during a busy work day, you rarely walk beyond three blocks for lunch, otherwise you lose valuable eating and socializing time just from the walk. So I’ve been there about four times in two weeks.

Of course, I was excited to see the cocktail menu, and immediately was drawn to the “Covent Garden” cocktail. It’s light, like the cucumber water you might get at a health spa… except, of course for the gin. Here’s our interpretation of the drink. You can subsitute the Gin for Vodka if you like. Delicious and refreshing. (And subtle in its intensity.)

Ingredients for one cocktail:

1 shot Tangueray Gin, (Although we’ve had some shoutouts for Hendrick’s Gin here!)

Cucumber Puree (*save a cucumber slice for garnish!)

To prepare the cucmber puree: peel a cucumber and cut it in half lengthwise. Scrape out the seeds with the tip of a metal spoon. Cut the cucumber into chunks, place in a blender or food processor, and puree until smooth. One average sized cucumber will yield about 1 cup puree. Your can do this puree up to 6 hours ahead.

1/4 teaspoon pureed Ginger

For pureed ginger, you can buy a tube in the produce section – OR – take fresh ginger, peel off the hard outer layer of skin, and chop up the heart of the ginger into smaller pieces for blending or food processing into a puree.

6-8 Mint leaves. 6 Chopped up for mixing, two for garnish.

Let’s start mixing!

It’s probably best to use a shaker for this one,, but if you don’t have a shaker, get that stirring spoon ready.

Fill your highball glass about three quarters full of ice.

Go ahead, pour that shot of gin into a high ball glass. Go nuts. You know how strong you like your drinks, right? Adjust that to your typical strength preference.

Add the chopped mint sprigs and ginger.

Fill the remainder of the glass with the cucumber puree, leaving a little room off the top. You’ve got to shake this now!

Shake it, or stir it well., and pour into your highball glass.

Garnish with remaining mint leaves, and if you like a slice of cucumber.

Serve it up and enjoy! Or, if you prefer to have this brought to you, check out STK in Midtown Manhattan!

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