A Manhattan, High Above Manhattan

A Manhattan, High Above Manhattan

Manhattan Cocktail
On a crisp winter afternoon, a Manhattan from the Mandarin Oriental will warm up your spirits.

If you’re in New York City – the Lobby Lounge – 35 floors up in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel –  is a fantastic spot to take in breathtaking views of Central Park while sipping your favorite cocktail. Order up the Rye Manhattan for a drink that packs a wallop but when made with the finest ingredients, can be remarkably smooth. But beware: You may want to take a nap on the plush sofas scattered around the lounge! (PS – That’s frowned upon!)

Here’s OUR interpretation of the Mandarin Oriental’s Lobby Lounge Rye Manhattan.


Note: these are definitely higher end items here, but they are part of what make the Mandarin’s Manhattan so very smooth going down. You can certainly use less expensive ingredients, but you’ll be sacrificing smoothness.)

2 ounces Michter’s Rye(Sure, this whiskey has bite, but rounds out with flavors of caramel, vanilla and a hint of coconut.)

1 ounce Carpano Sweet Vermouth (This is a lot smoother than lower end vermouths, which contributes to how easily this goes down.)

Two dashes Blood Orange Bitters (Check your liquor store, or get some here.)

1 dash Orange Essence (Orange extract will do…if you want a weaker drink you could even opt for a splash of O.J. – but try and get the real deal.)

Manhattan 3
An orange peel
for garnish

Stir the liquid ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the twist.

A lot of folks like to toss a few marachino cherries in their Manhattan, along with some cherry juice. Again, this is a strong drink, so that, or the Orange notes that are listed above, can make the cocktail a little more palatable. Feel free to play with a few variations!
Already in Manhattan and want to try the Mandarin’s take? Keep in mind there is a special entrance to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on 60th Street and Columbus Circle, a separate entrance from the Shops at Time Warner Center. (And if you’re up for a snack, don’t miss out on the Chicken Lollipops with Tamarind Glaze, Blue Cheese Dressing and Crudités.)

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